Thursday, May 05, 2011


Remember this word from Hotz case that haunted many users for sometime due to Sony scouring through information from Youtube and other sites? Well, it is making its way back to the Sony scene. This time it is against Sony.

The New York state issued a subpoena for Sony reported by Bloomberg today. Mr. Kaz's response was beyond the due date that was put down by the House of Representatives. So, I guess the reason why the court issued a subpoena is because they want more answers from the hacking.

What does this mean to Sony? Sony will be sending a representative to explain the whole situation. It was revealed that Sony's servers were running an outdated software with known holes and outdated firewalls . That was a bad part from Sony. Like they said, they were clueless themselves about the incident because they do not know what was going on in their system. The reason? not enough firewall and sub-par defences and operating systems for the servers.

People put their trust so much to these successful companies such as Apple (which was collecting your information in secret). That trust makes us consumers blind. Be aware that there is no perfect system out there for consumer grade level. Take pre-caution when entering your information out there.
Payback is best served cold.

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