Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's been hella month for games! Battlefield 3!

I have been busy with PS3 recently. As we all know, good games usually come out on fall. This year has been the best one so far. Dark Souls, Ace Combat, and Battlefield 3! I did not include Batman to my list as it does not interest me.

I have not finished Dark Souls yet. It is extremely time consuming and difficult. I will finish it sometime later on. However, the game is simply AWESOME! Dark Souls is technically Dark Souls re-worked for both PS3 and Xbox. The graphics is pretty much improved and as well as the gameplay. No more spell spamming as you are limited to certain amount of spell usage. You have to make every spell cast count. Other than that, you will see similarities during boss fights. There will be some similarities on the storyline too.

There is one thing that I did not like about Dark Souls - the inability to play with friends easily. You have to be on the same server as your friend. There are multiple servers and you are put into a random one when you fire up the game. There is nothing in-game that tells you what server you are on. This took away the fun from venturing the open world with your friends. Now, they force you to play with complete strangers.

Anyways, here is a video of someone who finished the game within a short period of time. See for yourself. Spoiler alert!!!

Alright, what about Ace Combat Assault Horizon?

The last one I played was AC4 for PS2. Similar gameplay but man this new one blew me away. Helicopter fights, bombing runs, and more! I am impressed and satisfied with my purchase of this game. I got the pre-order bonus even if I did not pre-ordered the game. Which is a plus :)

Anyways, the storyline for AC4 is somewhat predictable. It is about betrayal. That's all. Nothing more. I hoped that the story would be much longer but the gameplay would be very repetitive if they do. The game's campaign mode is always action packed, lots of explosions, and good voice acting. Took me a while to beat certain missions but it is alright.

The online multiplayer part for me is just ok as well. It is a P2P multiplayerso you have to have a good connection in order to host a game. Sometimes it takes a while to join a game because of P2P connection. Sometimes, I constantly become disconnected because the quickmatch system puts me on a game where the host is from Japan. Other than the connection, the gameplay is great. I never been so stressed while playing a game because you are constantly under fire from other aircrafts. You can customize your aircrafts with all the colours of the rainbow  - which is awesome!

I have tried Co-op but my experience is nothing different than the offline campaign.

There will be upcoming DLCs too but I am not sure I will be playing AC:AS since Battlefield 3 is out.

Speaking of Battlefield. I have pre-ordered it and got 2 set of codes. Surprise surprise! Well not really. You need to get a key to access the online portion of the game. This is just a warning for the people who want to buy the game used.
The main focus of Battlefield is the graphics, gameplay, and the intense realism due to the physics engine. This is my first Battlefield. I wanted to buy the first Battlefield when it came out. However, I did not have money to upgrade my computer in order to play it. Anyways, most people should have been able to try out the game due to the beta that they had a couple of weeks ago. Based from that, they have fixed major bugs, kinks, and dents from the beta. However, some are still there but the gameplay is much smoother.

I don't know what to say about this game. It has it's own fun factor to it. The game has so much things to unlock that to think about it, you will need to spend so many hours for this game to unlock everything. I'm talking about multiplayer wise since the game is basically built around multiplayer. Some are very challenging to unlock. For example, i had trouble shooting down another aircraft with my own aircraft. You only have the gun on your aircraft and as you shoot one down, you only unlock flares. Things like that makes the game challenging.

I don't have much complaints about the multiplayer. The game is responsive and sometimes laggy probably due to a player with a bad connection and joins in the room. I am happy to see tons of improvements in this game from the beta.

The storyline is well...more like you are re-living a soldier's story. You are playing a character that is being interrogated by an organization. CIA due to the obliteration of Paris. A nuclear bomb went off. I don't want to say much about the story because I might spit out spoilers. Anyways, I find it not exciting nor boring. Voice acting is great and 3D animation as well as lighting is somewhat have met my expectation.

There is nothing much to say now for Battlefield 3. There are millions of people playing it right now as we speak. All I can say is - you SHOULD DEFINITELY GET THIS GAME. It is fun, challenging, and nice eye candy.