Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Sony : Hired three security firms

As we continue to waiting for the PSN to go back online. It is revealed by The Wall Street Journal that Sony is working with three security firms to investigate how the hackers entered through Sony's defences. Those three companies are Proviti inc., Guidance Software Inc.,and Data Forte Corp. Also, I have seen a diagaram somewhere how the hackers has entered through Sony's defences. As of now the PSN is still down and users were promised within a week (from last tuesday) that the PSN is going back up. If they can get back the online part for multiplayer, some people might be happy and will not be thinking about issuing a class action lawsuit.

Speaking of lawsuit. Today, a Canadian 21 year old female from Ontario, Canada filed a lawsuit against all branches of Sony corporation. The first one from Canada. Sony did not announce anything about their Canadian customers affected by the hacking.

Also, there is a rumour going around that the PSN service in Japan is back up. I doubt it. If you do not hear it from an official source like the official blog, do not believe it even if it from a customer service from Sony. Many are writing about and then apologizing after.

For the news article regarding the three firm visit : http://online.wsj.com/article/BT-CO-20110503-714462.html

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