Friday, May 13, 2011

Angry Birds flying free!

Yes, Angry Birds is now free online. I am pretty sure you guys know what Angry Birds is. It is a game where you put birds in a sling shot and you try to kill the pigs who stole your eggs. It is a simple but fun puzzle game. It is a popular iPhone/iTouch game app and was ported to other platforms as a mini game like for the PS3.

Thanks to Google, Angry Bird is a free app for Chrome web browser. It is still in beta and requires you to log in with your Google account to download. It does not take that long before you can start hurling birds to kill pigs. It is available on both standard and high definition.

Google Chrome in Angry Birds
In addition to killing pigs, destroying their "house" or "castle", every level has a collectible chrome logo. If you hit that logo, you will unlock a challenge mode. Collect them all for extended levels/challenges. They are located in random places. Usually, places that you don't expect to see.

I finished each challenges within a couple of hours. It really got my attention and trying to get three stars now on each level. Same challenges that you will see from other platforms. Go and try it out! It is fun!

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