Saturday, April 30, 2011

Portal 2(PS3) - Fun and Challenging

Finally, I found a copy of Portal 2 for PS3 in my local electronic store. It has been sold out everywhere. I was so excited to play it. I have played Portal 1 on my laptop but my laptop is crappy so I had to give up. Still, I got Portal 2 for the PS3 because you can have cross-platform gameplay and steam cloud. Don't forget the initiative bonus code so you can download a free copy of Portal 2 for PC/Mac.

PS3 Portal box art
Seriously, I have never played a game with two sarcastic characters that will make you laugh throughout the game. It is like watching a stand-up comedy while playing the game which never gets boring as you go along each levels in Portal 2. Each dialogue will make you think and smile. I think this is one of the things that makes this game interesting and original. The first person view also immerses you the "maze".

Portal 2 is set few years (or more) after Portal 1. Glados is back and will be with you again throughout the story. It starts with you trapped in a room and a voice asking you to perform actions. After that, your environment starts shaking and collapsing because your room is being moved by Wheatley - a blue eyed core. Thus, your journey inside Aperture lab begins.

Anyways, the first levels are basically training levels. They can get very challenging as you go along each one; requiring you to think and perform tasks based on timing and problem solving. I did have some trouble figuring out one or two level. Maybe it is because midnight and I could not think properly. I was scratching my head too much while trying to figure out the logic behind the lasers and portals and gels ...oh man there were so many things to handle. Sometimes that I just want to drop the controller.

I have only played the beginning of co-op since the PSN is down. I played it offline with my sibling. So I can't say anything much about it other than...yes it requires a great deal of co-ordination and teamwork. It still deal with the same basic principle of using portals and your brain.

The graphics in single player is excellent. No framerate problems and everything sails smoothly even if there are many things going around the environment. I believe they have used anti-alias in this game as everything looks smooth and not jagged. After going through the developer commentary level, I found out that the main goal of the engine is to reduce the amount of CPU power needed to render the environment. The design of the characters and levels are minimalistic but at the same time has this sense of high technology/futuristic and  a modern feeling. Character designs are well thought too. The developers explained how they came up with the characters in the game.

Just like the graphical style of being minimalistic, controls are the same and easy to get used to. The only button you will be pressing most of the time are R1 and L1 since they are for making portals. Other than that, O makes you crouch and R2 for zoom in. I got used to the controls within the first 5 minutes of playing. I wish this game has supported the move motion controller because that would be so perfect.

The voice acting, sounds of environment crashing, gel flowing is very crisp and realistic. The voice acting is well done! It gives and shows the personality of each robots and emphasize it. The sound of footsteps and landing on metal after making a leap of faith is very satisfying. They did a great job also making the ambience realistic. The background music was alright. Sometimes it gets emotional depending on what chapter you are in. Sometimes, I do not even notice there is music playing at all.

Voucher for PC/Mac
The best part of having a PS3 copy is the cross-platform co-op and the free copy that comes along for PC/Mac. Also, Steam cloud is available for the PS3 platform. It is different from the PS cloud. I am excited to log-in with my Steam account on the PS3 to link it with my PSN. I have some couple of PC player friends that play Portal 2. For now, I can't since the PSN is still down due to a recent tragic event. I can't wait to see more titles that support cross-platform gaming.

Overall, I think I am very extremely super satisfied with this game. I wish there are more levels to beat on the campaign mode. The graphics is nice as well as the sound. It is easy to get used to the control settings but I wish it supported the Move. Voice acting is fantastic. The biggest bonus why I purchased the game, the cross-platform capability. I think that will be part of the future of gaming for both consoles and PC version. I have no gripes about this game as it stayed true to the story. Kudos to Valve for making such a great game. I  would rate the game 9.5/10. I just wish there are more testing done. 


Update (1): Valve has announced that there will be an upcoming DLC for Portal 2. I am looking forward to it. They might bring port Steam/Valve games if they see that Portal is a success.

Oh and to clear it up, you can only play on one platform at the same time after you redeem your code for PC/Mac download since that code is attached to your PSN name.

I definitely think that Portal 2 is very successful. Portal 2 was sold out everywhere I went on the release day. Also, I finished the game. Perfect ending :)

Update(2): PC to PS3 Co-op is fun! Works the same way as PS3 to PS3. PC players can communicate via text chat or mic. Since steam is on the PS3 version also, you can chat with your friend in steam that are PC players. You can also log in at your PC and PS3 at the same time on steam (not the game though). You will be able to see the same messages on your PC and through the TV at the same time. I love it. PC players can type in-game text but I have not figured out if it is possible with the PS3 too. Anyways, it is pretty sweet to have a cross-platform gameplay. I wish there are more games like this.

Friday, April 29, 2011

PS Move : Very accurate and Comfortable

I have purchased Move bundle yesterday that includes Sport Champions and the PS Eye camera. I also purchased the separate controller with a dpad for move -  navigation controller. I have played Sport Champions for quite a while now and I think the feedback from the Move controller is very accurate. The way you hold the Move is the same way your character will be holding the sword or the bow in the game. Thus, you will not be just smashing and bashing the controller, you will have to tilt it so the blade of the sword will do damage.

The move controller is very comfortable. I was using it for over an hour and was already sweating from the sword fight. The controller fits in my hand perfectly. The buttons that I only had trouble with are select and start. They are located along the side. Sometimes I had to use my other hand just to reach either of them. The nav controller is well designed but I think my hand is a little big for the nav but that is ok.

My only gripe about it is that other light source can interfere with the move controller. I had my window open and it was nice and sunny outside. It was bright in my room and thus, the PS Eye cam did not detect the motion controller (Move). So I had to close the blinds. Other than that, no problem. Battery last long ... well because it is new.

More and more games are starting to support the Move. I am more particularly interested to the shooters that will support it. Resistance 3 already confirmed that it will support it and it is coming out in fall. I would love to see more games that support Move. It is fun and gives you a work out. It gets you up from your couch or bed or whatever you sit on when you play games. I highly recommend getting this peripheral because everyone can use it as it is very simple and easy to get accustomed to.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

SOCOM 4 : A Redefinition of the Series.

I received my copy yesterday through my mail and finished the campaign on hard difficulty. SOCOM 4 is nothing like the old predecessors. SOCOM 4 is new and is dubbed by its developers as  the first "real" SOCOM for the PS3. I will try to give my review from a point of view from someone who has just played the series.

Let me give you a run down of the SOCOM series. It started back in 2002 for PS2 and with the release of network adapter. SOCOM 1 and 2 are very similar to each other. SOCOM 2 having more maps, weapons, and upgraded graphics as wells as online functions. SOCOM 3 was an upgraded version of SOCOM2. It redefined the series due to huge maps and playable vehicles. Combined Assault is basically an expansion pack for SOCOM3 . SOCOM 4 is technically the first real entry to the PS3 because it is complete with single player and multiplayer. Do not forget about the co-op. Confrontation is online only.

I'll start with the technical aspect of the game. It supports up to 32 players in a single room online as well as co-op. 3D and move compatible. Supports the headset (of course) and the brand new sharp shooter. It will have a future DLC which is I was looking forward to. Of course, the one player campaign (offline mode). The visuals of the game is very good. There are tons of details and textures to your environment and characters. Sometimes however, there are pop ups and textures that loads a little late. Explosions are bright and realistic that you can almost feel the heat coming right at you. Character animations while in cover are fluid. However, when running, they feel a little stiff.

Possible spoilers beyond this sentence. Don't tell me I did not give you are warning.

The single player or offline mode has a campaign and custom settings. Campaign is the story mode and you play as Ops-com and Forty-Five (Lt. Park of 707th) on some covert ops mission. There are 14 missions in total. Each missions unveil something that happened to Ops-Com in the past as well as some revelations behind Gorman. The story starts with a Gorman and 45 arguing because apparently Gorman sent 45's team to   their death. Somewhere along the the campaign, it gets worse. She is only left with one team member - Chung. I don't want to break it down for thoroughly because there is a twist along the storyline. Anyways, moving on.

The AI on offline missions are intelligent even in easy mode. They know when to flank or when they are in need to take cover. However, sometimes the AI teammates you have gets in your way. Also, it gets frustrating how your teammates keeps on dying on elite. When they try to revive one of their own, they get killed themselves because of the fact that they don't care about their own safety. So you will end up trying to revive them all at the end.

The custom game for offline mode is pretty much like a campaign. There are few maps to play with and the enemies comes in waves. It can get very hectic sometimes in the hardest settings as the enemies will not stop giving everything they got right to you. It really immerses you to the heat of the battle. I would love to play this again when I get my surround sound system.

I tried the Move controller in the single player and I am not really satisfied with it. It is very accurate however, I think it is one of those things that you have to get used to. I still prefer the classic dual shock over the Move. The deadzone is pretty big for the regular Move without the Sharp Shooter peripheral. You have to point your crosshair along the edges of your screen to turn around. The move brings in a new experience with the game.

I am not sure what to talk about the online part since as of now, the PSN is down. I was in the beta but I am giving my thoughts on the final retail version so we will see when the PSN gets back up.

SOCOM 4 is indeed a redefinition of the series or maybe? I think Zipper has brought up all the things they have learned from the older versions and from the handheld series. The dynamic pop out of cover when you hold the trigger came from Fire Team Bravo 3. The missions reflect some from FTB3 - especially the helicopter fight scene. They brought the very customizable campaign from FTB3 where you can set the amount of enemies and objectives. Cinematic cut scenes were also found in this hand held series. If you have played FTB3 before playing SOCOM4, you will love it. It is basically it with much more improved things as if they have brought it to the bigger consoles. Also, the Clawhammer mercenaries from FTB2 are back.

 I have to say that the campaign is too short and sometimes repetitive as you will notice since two missions will appear on the same map. 45 is indeed plays an important role until the end. I did not expect SOCOM 4 to be like the older SOCOMs since it has come a long way from the early years of the online gaming of the PS2. The gameplay is much smoother and more polished than previous versions. It lacks the originality that it had from SOCOM 2 which is most of the fans are crying about. Maybe the developers wants to break away from the series? For me, it does not sound like the last one we will see. There are many things ahead of this game such as DLCs and updates or even a expansion. It might become a classic.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

PSN: Your Personal Information Has Been Stolen

A new information has emerged from the Playstation Blog.

Update(2): 1 million dollar guarantee ID protection is going to be offered by Sony when PSN gets back on. Also, in EU blog - they plan to give two PS3 games for free. If you have a PSP you will get two games as well.  I am not sure about North America yet of what SCEA will offer. So far these are some information out there that is legit.

Also, the May 31st date for PSN getting back online as published by Bloomberg is a rumour. Sony has officially stated that they will bring back PSN 100% working by the end of this month. However, some services will return online shortly prior to that date as they are going through final stages of security checks from three different security companies. They still have no definite time on when it will be online.

Update(1): Sony denies that the credit card information is being sold in an internet black market and also denies the rumour going on about reselling the credit card info back to Sony. Here is a quote from the official PS blog:

"We want to state this again given the increase in speculation about credit card information being used fraudulently. One report indicated that a group tried to sell millions of credit card numbers back to Sony. To my knowledge there is no truth to this report of a list, or that Sony was offered an opportunity to purchase the list."

PSN will go back online sometime this week and is planned to be fully operational by the end of this month. Expect a new firmware update for your PS3s - 3.61 after the PSN comes back on(according to Japanese PSN security update page). The patch will force you to change your password.

The FBI and U.S Homeland Security are already involved in this hacking. This is really a serious intrusion and called it an act of terrorism.

To see the official blog post :

Japanese PSN security update page:
"PlayStation Network and Qriocity service user account information was compromised in connection with an illegal and unauthorized intrusion into our network."

That is right! Some accounts might be compromised. All information you have provided and saved within that account including your sub-account is possibly taken by the hacker. Those information that are probably taken were:

- Your full name that you have provided Sony when you registered

- PSN/Qriocity ID and password.
- Log in information for both PSN and Qriocity
- Address
- Country
- Email

Other possible information that were taken are:
- Billing address
- Purchase history
- Security questions (the questions that has to be answered correctly in order to obtain a new password or to confirm a person's identity)

According to the PS blog, your credit card information might be compromised as well. Everything that you can see from your card except the three digit security code. 

This security failure can be far more worse than what you think. These hackers can sell your information in exchange for money. They can look into your email for history of other registration for paypal and such other services like online banking. The best thing to do right now is update all your security questions, usernames, and passwords for all the online things that are connected to the email you provided Sony. You can also request for a new card from your creditors/banks. There is nothing worse than losing your hard earned money.

According to the FAQ provided by the PS blog. You will receive an email from SONY stating that your account has been compromised. However, I still suggest to change your information to the services connected to that email address you provided SONY to register for the PSN.

For complete official blog post update: 


Friday, April 22, 2011

PSN remains down.

Yesterday was when PSN became inaccessible for me. However, few days before that, I was automatically being signed out whenever I started my PS3. So could that be a sign? I was on PS Home when the whole thing happened. The signs started when I was browsing around PS Store. It gave me a failed auto wallet refill when clicking any links from the PS store then few minutes after that a blank error screen.

According to Sony PS blog :

"While we are investigating the cause of the Network outage, we wanted to alert you that it may be a full day or two before we’re able to get the service completely back up and running. Thank you very much for your patience while we work to resolve this matter. Please stay tuned to this space for more details, and we’ll update you again as soon as we can."
-Patrick Seybold, Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media

They said it will remain like this for at least two days since yesterday. Having no online gameplay feels the same as having no electricity. I am pretty sure Sony will not discuss any information about the problem that has caused this until it is resolved. If it was the anons, then maybe they will say it was a server crash or something because they do not want to acknowledge that group.

Can't wait to get back online again.

Update: PSN is indeed hacked. Someone crashed into the party.

"An external intrusion on our system has affected our PlayStation Network and Qriocity services. In order to conduct a thorough investigation and to verify the smooth and secure operation of our network services going forward, we turned off PlayStation Network & Qriocity services on the evening of Wednesday, April 20th..."
--Patrick Seybold, Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media

Rumour :  People are saying that the PSN server that holds the account information was targeted by LOIC(low orbit ion cannon - a DDoS program) causing it to overload and crash. Also, some accounts might be breached. It is not known yet whether credit card information were compromised as well.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Demon's Souls Review

Demon Souls is one of those games that will make you think, strategize, and will require tons of patience to play. It might give you a lot of frustrations and rage quits...I mean a lot. I will not recommend this game for those players who wanted quick and easy game. This is definitely made for those hardcore players ...wait no hardcore RPG gamers.

Let's start with the storyline. When you start the game, you will be sent through a a tutorial level which basically tells you what buttons does what. You will also learn how to dodge or parry.It is sad to say that you are forced to die at the end even if you manage to kill the big fat ugly flying troll with a massive club. You are revived by a witch and your journey begins from there. The storyline is basically a hero comes in and save the world from utter destruction. A typical RPG storyline.

The gameplay is somewhat original and a little complex. In fact if you are automatically connected to the PSN, your playthrough will be already affected. The first thing I noticed is the endurance bar.  I like the fact that there is an endurance bar which prevents you from hack and slashing the enemy NPCs and makes you develop your own fighting style during PVPs online. Just like other role playing games out there, you will require to obtain items such as HP replenishing grasses and MP regenerating spices.

When you start the game for the first time, you are asked to choose from different classes in the game and those are Soldier, Knight, Hunter, Priest, Magician, Wanderer, Barbarian, Theif, Temple Knight, and Royalty. You can edit your character to as well to the very last detail however you want it. You can edit the hairstyle, color, distance of the eyebrows, length of the nose, and etc. So after all this, you are forced to die once you reached the end of the tutorial and you start the game in what they call "Soul Form". Everytime you die, you become a soul.

Being in "Soul Form" will give you a different perspective in the game. You get less maximum hp and you are allowed to help other players once you obtained the blue stone. There are 2 more important stones and they are black and red. With the black stone, you are able to invade other players's world while the red stone is like an invitation for PVP. These stones are important if you are in soul form.

In order to be "alive" again or back in your physical form, you have to either kill a boss or a living player by invading their world. Whenever you kill a boss, a living player, or a friendly NPC will change the gameplay just a little bit. This game has something called "World Tendency".

World tendency is affected by each action you make such as killing a boss or an NPC. It is rated from pure black to white. Having pure black world tendency means harder enemies and higher chances of them dropping better items. With pure white, some parts of the levels will change. For example, a big rock blocking your way will be gone in pure white world tendency which allows you to enter a room that contains a good item. So in order to complete the game in 100% you have to play in both world tendencies.

Some of the bosses are pretty darn hard and some are not. Each boss requires a different strategy in order for you to defeat them. Of course they have their own weaknesses which is up to you to figure out. Also there are some places where you can get to and not get hit by their attacks. Make sure you use the boss' location and environment to your advantage.

Aside from singleplayer, the multiplayer part of this game is satisfying. You are automatically connected to the servers and whenever you are playing in your physical form, you are at risk of being invaded by other players that are also online. The PVP in this game is okay. The lag sometimes decides whether you win a PVP or not because sometimes it can get so bad that a player can back stab you while  you think they are far away. This game also has a co-op mission. You can invite up to 3 others to join your world. By the way, you have to be in your physical form in order to play co-op not in your ghost form. I like to invite others if I cannot beat the boss by myself. By helping players defeat bosses, you gain souls. In order to level up in this game, you need souls.

Souls is basically the currency and the exp needed in order to gain soul levels. So basically, you have to "pay" to level up. This makes you more careful to what stats you should level up.

Enough with the gameplay and let us look at the audio/visual part of the game. Graphics wise, this game falls under excellent. There is tons of details that comes with the items and environment. Texture and everything for the bosses are excellent. Animations are excellent.  There are different animations for every weapons you choose.

Sometimes, the framerate drops to a noticeable level especially when there are too many things going on in your screen. For example, rolling on top of the wooden barrells. Other than that, there is barely and pop ups or camera glitches in this game.

Sound is excellent. Voice acting sometimes gets dull but it brings that cinematic feel. Background sound and ambience provides extra realism to the game. It can be very scary at times because of things that you hear in this game.

In conclusion, this game is excellent. It is one of those games that will want to make you give up right in the beginning but as the game progresses becomes easier. This game provides satisfying rewards and feeling when you finish it or even just killing another player. I would rate it 4.5 out of five.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

SOCOM 4 Retail Copy is still on its way!

Pre-ordered my copy of SOCOM 4 last week. Yes, it was a little too late. Still waiting for it to come to my mail.  I should have just purchased it in a store rather than pre-ordering. I am pretty excited to play through the campaign missions for it. Many say that it is crazy hard even at normal mode. I don't know why many review sites says that it is easy. Maybe they played it in easy mode? I guess so.

Anyways, I am planning to pick up Portal 2 today while I wait for my copy of SOCOM 4. I have played Portal 1 but never really got to finish it because I have a crappy computer. So the best part of it is the cross platform gameplay between PS3 and PC.


 I think that will be the future. Cross-platform gameplay. Nothing can beat that!

Update(1): Portal 2 was sold out wherever I went.

Update(2): Received my copy of SOCOM 4 on April 27th and finished the missions on the same day (including collecting all the intels and blood oranges). Found a copy of Portal 2 and finished it as well. Oh man PSN has to really get back on.

SOCOM 4 Beta Bugs

This was originally posted on SOCOM.COM forums. I would like to share how much bugs I found. Since the beta was already done (long time ago), I believe I can some stuff with you guys who has not seen my post in the forums. Anyways, here it is!


Based on severity :


1. Throwing the grenade while moving makes you throw the grenade to the ground. I am not sure whether it gets stuck on your hand while throwing but when i step back while throwing the grenade, it always gets all weird. Lag also plays a factor. In your screen you throw the grenade but on the other players, it shows that it is stuck midair where you threw that grenade. As a result you commited suicide.

2. Crosshairs get stuck together both regular and scope. Sometimes they show up together while scoping in a low powered scope. Looks pretty cool though. Happens when looking at the scoreboard while in scope (press select). Sometimes the crosshair remains green too if you aim at a teammate while looking at the scoreboard.

3. Dive > prone> and reload quickly> get up and run. Sometimes it shows the character looking up in the sky while reloading (kinda funny).

4. Dive > get up and run. It makes you look like you  slide on the ground. If you do it quick enough, you will stand pretty quick right after the dive.

5. Random team switch at the end of the game. I want to be with my friend/clan and I got switched to the opposite team without even pressing square. This gets annoying.

6. Upload data/loading bar on uplink  or any game modes that requires pressing O and wait for the bar to fill up sometimes does not show up. 

7. When you use the R analog stick and let go from switching equipments, it selects back the first one.
I tend to let go of the R analog stick after I made the selection switching from my first to my second equipment. Kinda like a whiplash effect and I accidentally throwing a grenade at myself and teammates

8. Sometimes when you upload data in uplink, you don't upload it directly in the computer but in some imaginary computer beyond the table.Happens when pressing O while sprinting towards the uplink computer.

9. Indicate whether you are talking in proximity chat or team chat. They show both the same colors when you talk and there is a long buffer right after your 10 seconds sometimes. Maybe it is lag or something because sometimes I am tapping up after talking for a long time and it is not showing the talk icon. It's location too is not good. It is int he same place where you get notifications that your friend is online covering the indicator that you have the mic.

10. Some people does not know you can climb over things. Can we get back the "press X to climb". I am also trying to figure out which object I can climb into. Sometimes when you stand close to those object, you are still unable to climb but instead will do a jump animation.

11. The map zooms in and out. It just bothers me whenever you crouch or jump or whatever. Make it static. It changes when you change your stance.

12. Players get stuck during beggining of rounds. Occasionally. I do not know the reason. You cannot fire your weapons or switch to your secondary. Sometimes, two players get stuck to each other.
Update: This is a result of the armory being invisible right in the beginning of the round. Try pressing start.

13. Planting a PMN/Claymore close to a box or something, it showed up on top of the box.

14. Planting a claymore right between a small floor height difference (making it facing up), it does not blow up even if you trip the laser rendering it useless.

15. Spawning late. Can we spawn and start the game at same time each round? Sometimes we end up being a spectator for 1-5 seconds. Instead of making the armory/spawn option 20 seconds. Make it 15 and add 5 seconds before right before the game starts. Like a countdown so we all start together. This is probably because of capacity issue in a spawn point. Sometimes I notice that my teammates move away from the spawn then i will spawn. Add more spawn points in one location?

16. Climbing the ledge while there is a sandbag on top of that ledge and pressing cover quickly makes you slide automatically to the center of those sand bags at A&B. This happens in the Spec Ops spawn to the right.

17. Random +60 or +30 EXP while dead on classic uplink. You are dead and still gaining points? Easy level up!

18. Slower turning while you are on the stairs. I mean it.. It is slower than when you are on a regular ground. Most of the time you pass by an opponent making who ever turns around the quickest wins on the stair battle.

19. Make the names static to the teammate's head. I keep on getting team killed because of this. The names or the diamond does not stay on your teammates head. The diamond just adds an extra space right before the name. Why not get the diamonds on the body and the name static on top of the head.
Update: Fixed for the first retail patch.

20. Knifing is weird. I knifed someone point blank that is too close but it didn't kill him. I stepped back a bit and I killed the opponent. Does the enemy should be on arms length for it to be lethal? it happened to me so many times. they ended up turning around and I getting popped.
update: Collision detection is not good. You can run THROUGH enemies. When you try to knife your arms just pass through them.
Update beta patch 1.02: Bomb tech absorbs more knife.

21. Indicate that you have changed your selection in the armory after you died. After you die in classic and choose a different weapon, it still shows the same weapon in your armory until the next round. It is confusing. It does not save the weapon you chose under the same category making you look for that weapon again.

22. Map not showing up. It shows an empty screen. I do not know how this occurs. Usually happens after a round or two.

"Counter-UAV is up! They're blind!"

23. Timer not counting down/frozen after joining the game late. It can occur in the first round. I am not sure how this happens.

"I'm good like that. I stopped the time"

24. Loading bar disappears/cancels because of scoreboard. On uplink/bomb squad/last defence, when you are doing an action such as capturing/planting beacon/ diffusing bomb and you press select for the scoreboard, the loading bar disappears and you have to start over again. Overlapping issue?

25. C4 detonation not showing up even if you point your crosshair to the C4, the "press O to detonate" does not show up. However, in some situations, no matter what you do it does not show up.

26. HUD not showing. No crosshairs, no names, and no friendly blue diamonds.names above their heads. Basically nothing but your scope to aim. You can't change/switch weapons either.


27. Spec Op weapons available for Insurgents vice versa. Not really a big problem but it is not suppose to happen. Also occurs after playing custom games with limited weapons such as sniper alley.

28. Vega sounds like a man when deploying C4s. Maybe it will change on the retail version? She sounds like a man when recieving fall damage or deploying C4s.

29. Reloading shotgun/any gun right before the intermission (after the round ends and getting ready for the next one) will continue doing the reloading animation even though the shotgun is already full. Look what happens even with a sniper:

 "Making my gun all shiny...mmmhmm"

30. Progress bar for upload/download/capture/disarm  gets stuck on your screen right after capturing it.

"I secured it already for crying out loud!"

31. When you die and kill the bombtech, sometimes the next round starts without you. This also occurs in any other game mode. Sometimes the late joiners are the only one that comes alive on the next round.

32. When you are the bomb tech, your equipment (grenades/mines) are reset to smoke grenades and flash bangs.

33. Scoreboard and armory overlapping each other. When you are looking at the scoreboard and press x to select a name while it is also shows press x to change loadout, it will just go directly to the armory rather than selecting a name. Why not let the scoreboard as on hold > show scoreboard.

34. Camera collision! Might as well throw it in here.

"Hell yea! Got my xray vision on!"

35. Floating tree. Some minor graphical error which really bugs me up until now.

"Whoa! Dude I think we found the hole to Wonderland!"

36. The ammo count never stops blinking even after you reload it. When you get the increased ammo per mag, sometimes it just reloads to the same amount as before you have modded it up. Causing it to look like you need to reload.

37. On uplink, the data carrier icon does not reset after starting the next round. You are the carrier, round ends, and without taking the data on the next round - it shows that you are a carrier.

"Can you see me? Can you see me? No you can't... Ohh shi..."

38. Can't get rid of M203 attachment. If so, we can't use that fully moded weapon in classic rooms.

39. You can't dive off a ledge. It cancels it out and you will fall down on both of your feet instead of your chest. Not really a problem but its kinda weird.

40. You cannot walk over off a small bridge on the SPAWN 2 insurgent side on Assault and battery that leads to the stairs to the missile launcher on top of their spawn.

41. Late joiners appear white in the scoreboard.

42. You can move around while scoped in with your sniper with a bipod. If you stop moving around while you are in your scope while proning, the bipod will deploy, and you are stuck on one spot until you zoom out again.

43. Rounds going over the limit.  Round 12/11. We already heard that this is a server glitch.

44. Photos of the weapons that you have upgraded shows that it has silencers and attachments that it should not have(such as HP scope). However, according to the weapon progression, it can't have silencers or any of those attachments. Maybe we will see silencers on the retail versions on some weapons that did not have in the beta. Who knows.

45. Speaks for itself. UI/Menu overlaps each other.
Same thing happens with the scoreboard and armory. They overlap each other.

46. You cannot shoot through the fence unless your enemy is standing right near it. Insurgent spawn fences in Port Authority.

47. Clan challenge lobbies sometimes does not display a list on the current clan challengers.

48. You can get stuck while in clan challenge lobby and you have to restart the game in order to play normally again.

49. Muzzle break resets itself off every game.

50. No fall damage when you jump to any objects in the game and you slide down from it.
 There are also some spots in the map where you fall into and sustain no fall damage.

51. Claymores sometimes does not detonate even if you run/dive over it.

52. C4s can be planted inside the bomb making it impossible to detonate with any explosives. Thus the bomb tech will have no chance of defusing the bomb unless killing the one who planted the C4s.

53. Your chosen loadout/spawn point does not get saved for the next round even if you press deploy/start. You spawn with the same weapons on the same spawn point in classic mode. Sometimes this occurs and sometimes not.

54. Quick get up from dive. Afterdiving by pressing the sprint button, you will get up quickly. So as pressing the triangle as well will give you the same effect.

55. You can get up on top of the container on Insurgent side spawn by jumping on boxes. (respawn only) Does not really give you a good advantage.

56. You can jump onto the top of the palm tree on insurgent spawn on Assault and battery. Kinda like Japanese snipers in world war 2.

57. You can jump up the wall on insurgent spawn.

58. The server maintenance notice screen.

Patch 1.02 beta

1. When trying to join a game for the first time, the game will either just boot you out to the main menu or put you to a never ending loading screen.

2. The community button right when voting for the maps is...disabled but it is still there.

3. When you sprint while on the stairs, your camera becomes either closer or way lower.

4. Weapon mods that are not allowed to be attached, magically appears to it.
- Refer to #44 up there.

Do you see the my silencer?

5. Defusing the last bomb right on the end of the round (after killing the last enemy) will give the team extra win.


BODIBAG wrote:

nj with the post op... that makes it a lot easier to get these issues resolved. I am having problem myself I've been posting here http://forums.socom.com/t5/SOCOM-4-Beta/Mic-button-on-other-layouts-in-classic/m-p/1662270#M101343 to try limiting the posts but i see that it keeps getting lost in the mix. its a bout the mic not being available when you select a different button layout. please can you put this on your list... so zipper can seeeeeeeeeeeee! thanks

7. Invisible wall on Spec Op side. Do you see the green sign. That post on the right that is holding it up. This was taken on top of the ship. I had my crosshairs on him very steady and not moving. Popped 2-3 shots he just looked at me and popped me with 1 bullet that went through it.

- There is an explosive barrel underneath it.(if it has not exploded yet)
- Jump on it
- jump on the post

8. Floating dead bodies.

9. Armory resets randomly when you change game modes.