Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sony : Just a little bit more...

Argh! Now I am really frustrated. I can tell you guys are too (so many searches in regards to PSN updates). Today, Mr. Seybold has just announced (re-stating the announcement of the announcement that was announced more than a week ago) "Few more days". No I am serious. This is a new announcement. Sony got us excited on that blog post in regards to final stages. What did we just get after that post? Another blog that says it will take another couple of days for the PSN to get back up on its feet - step by step.

Patrick Seybold : *shrugs* 
Please Patrick, just include something that will really give hope instead of saying just those words like "can't" ,"I know", and etc. At least say - "Oh one of the three security companies that we brought in has finished their testing...on to the next one." All we got was "Hang in there!" Some people can't hold on any more. They are getting tired waiting and listening to the same thing over and over again to "next few days" "A little more time". Better yet, just don't post at all and surprise us.

To be honest, I can't really wait any more. I thought Move and other games that I just have purchased are going to entertain me until the return of the PSN. I guess I am wrong. I finished Portal 2 and SOCOM 4 at the same day I got them. Those were some of the big titles that has came out recently.

The PSN is also necessary to post on message boards which enables the community to voice out their concern directly or discuss other things with each other. Funny thing is that some of the developers  can't even post on their official forums because they cannot log-in since it requires PSN.

Another day, another blog post with no definite date when the PSN will be coming back online.

Here is that short and bitter post. I wish it had a different title. Not really a "Timeline Update" so beware of the misleading title of this official blog post.

Here ya go:

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