Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Sony had outdated defences says Hackers

So I just finished reading the reported conversation between hackers. The chat-log in other word. I must say, these guys are pretty smart and knows what they do. I could barely understand what they are talking about since they are using technical terms most of the time. From what I understand was Sony did not have an up-to-date defences against hackers. I mean why would they? They got millions of people connected to it (even hackers) at the same time? Why would the hackers will try to bring it down or even think about it.

I am not sure whether what they are talking about is legit or not but there are people out there that are very committed to cracking stuff up and figuring out things in a digital way. I mean talking about passion to what they do even though they know the consequences will be bad. I think some of them hang out in that channel all day long working together.

 The sad truth about the PS3 is that is collects many information about the user as stated by one of the users. More than anything you have signed up for. For one, maybe it is to make sure you are abiding the rules and make a fair environment for one. What I am curious about when a user said that Sony is using an outdated server software and operating system. The software they are using to run their servers has known gaps. So it is true. In business, nothing is free. If it is free, expect a service that is a little lower than the norm. The funny thing is even if you are paying for Plus, you are under the same category as a free user. I am not sure how it is changed now after the hacking. I am pretty sure that Sony's investigation is still ongoing right now. Restoration might take a few more days and a few more reassurance from the community managers by posting blogs that it will return this week. They have said it a couple of times already and provided us a draft with no known exact date the service will be back.

I am lucky that I have not updated my information or attempted to put my CC information on the PSN right before this hacking occurred. Although, I feel a little scared knowing that my information is somewhere out there floating. However, at the same time why would I since we all have many digital personal information footprint lying around - facebook and other sites that we have registered to.

I just can't wait till the service comes back on. It seems to me, the online part of gaming has become a staple for this generation. I believe that many companies will learn their lessons and will provide a better and secure future for their users.

Update (1): PSN servers were running up to date software. They said anyone can check the software version by just google-ing the servers. Hmmm...are PSN servers open to public like that? I mean, it is easy to check a website server's software version by google cache but a game server? Hmm...

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