Friday, May 13, 2011

PSN : Sign of life? SOCOM4 Leaderboard Active

I am not sure what exactly going on here but for some reason, some people can access the games online. Playtesting perhaps. Who knows. SOCOM's online leaderboard for May is a little busy during the past few days even if the PSN is still offline.Could this be dev accounts? Playtesters? Or a sign that the PSN will go back on soon? Maybe a server glitch or whatever. Thanks to someone who started a thread about this on SOCOM 4 forums that got me interested -  kudos! :)

Here is a guide that I just made on how to access the SOCOM4 leaderboard without logging in:
SOCOM 4 Leaderboard for May
You can check the leaderboard without logging in by simply copy and pasting this URL in to your web browser and replace the insert_name_here to any of those names listed on that photo above or even yours (if you were able to log in before PSN was taken offline).


Once you are looking at someone's stats, look for leaderboards in between co-op and compare stats tab.
The tab

So, you now have an access to the leaderboards without having to log-in. You can change the time range to see who is playing during this week or this month. You can check their stats too and look at when they started playing. I hope this helps :)

Update (1): Dunham tweeted :
"We have some internal tools available to us this week. Since I'm out, though, I can't elaborate"

He is currently on vacation. When he gets back, I think more questions will be answered :)

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