Monday, May 09, 2011

Pacman vs. Sugar - My thoughts

Last weeked was another fight of Pacman  - to defend his title from his challenger - Shane Mosley.

First of all, good try Mosely. I think these two fighters were playing safe most of the time during the fight. Nobody wants to get hit because they know and seen each other's performance prior to the fight. I think that is one of the reasons why this fight was boring. So it just proves that even top boxers will not bring good fights.

Mosley was always in retreat and turtles up when starts receiving punches. I was disappointed. That guy has had a good career because of his strength  and aggressiveness. Indeed, you can see the age putting a toll on his performance.

Pacquiao was showing some slow down too. I hope he was not forcing himself to do all these things to please everyone. He did not throw enough punches compared to his last few fights. However, he managed to knock Sugar down on the 3rd round and pulling off 30+ combinations. Pacquiao admitted that he was having cramps on his legs and he was involved on an accident early that day. His car was hit by his own security from their caravan. Maybe it is the reason why he did not perform as he used to. Pacman wanted to please the crowd but the his opponent doesn't want to participate.

"What could I do if my opponent doesn't want to fight toe-to-toe? It's not my fault,"
- Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao

Now, the one that really bothered me the most is the push made by Mosley. I think the referee did not see that clearly that Pacman was shoved down and was not punched. I think it Mosley did that because he lost balance and fell again prior to that round. It was clear that he stepped on Pacman's right feet and then shoved him.

This fight was about the amount of punches you threw and how many you landed. Mosley still fails to take the easy way out to get the guaranteed money. He received some pretty bad punches from Pacman at the end. I thought this fight was...boring. It was over-hyped.

Pacquiao plans to retire next year. Which is sad to hear. Oh well. Maybe there will be another one just like him rising on the list right now.

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