Saturday, May 14, 2011

Amazon EC2 kicked PSN Down?

Another Bloomberg report. This time, I think it is more accurate compared to previous report that they have made. However, I think when Bloomberg reported that the PSN will be back on by the end of this month is slowly becoming more realistic.

Apparently Bloomberg is saying that the FBI is slowly making a trace back to the perpetrators of the PSN hacking scheme. The hackers used Amazon's EC2 servers to help them enter PSN and bring it down. EC2 is a cloud computing service helping developers to compute much easier. It is a pay-as-you-go type of service. So anyone can sign-up, pay, and the service is yours. The hackers used false information to sign up for the site. However, it will be another road block for the authorities if they find out that the hackers used a stolen credit card or even a pre-paid credit card.

At least the FBI is making progress tracking down the guys behind this. I am pretty sure that the hacker has already thrown off his hard drive and computer into the river by this time :)

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