Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dark Souls Shield Design Contest

Hey Demon Souls fans who are looking forward for Dark Souls, there is a contest right now in regards to shield design. Here is my entry:

Link to vote for this entry : http://darksouls.fb-apps.namcobandaigames.eu/medias/502676446/thumbnails/502676446_1_x147_y184.jpg
I call this the Omega shield. I accidentally made an omega sign with letter R.
I am not sure what I are my chances to winning this competition. I think the gallery will open once the design competition design is done. Can't wait for other entries.

This shield is designed with minimalistic approach. I had fun designing the shield myself. I am a huge fan of RPG games. It took me about 2 hours to play around with this sheild lol. Made a doodle yesterday and it does not look right. I have two more entries to go.

If you see my shield in the gallery, please vote! I call it the Omega shield. I know - it is such a corny name lol.
Here is a copy pasta from the ToS from the competition:

- Phase 1:  Post  and  vote  Phase.  From  June  27th to July 13th
. The contestants will post their 
drawings and will vote for the best ones.  
- Phase 2: Vote only phase. From July 14th to July 20th
. The drawing upload section of the application is closed and only the vote section remains active. 
- Phase 3:  July 20th. The most voted drawings for each of the 3 shield templates are selected 
and submitted to Dark Souls Development team (Fromsoftware) for selection of the winners. 
- Phase 4: The winners are announced on the Facebook application Skin Design Contest by July 28th
For the winners 1, 2 and 3:  Custom shield design in game + name in the game credits + 1 Limited 
Edition signed by Dark Souls Director, Hidetaka Miyazaki. Value 80€ 
For the winners 4 to 10: 1 Standard Signed Edition by Dark Souls Director, Hidetaka Miyazaki. Value 
The winners will be contacted by NBP on the e-mail address recorded on his/her Facebook page. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception Multiplayer Beta

Unchartered 3 multiplayer beta is out now. I have not played Unchartered before but hey, it is free and exclusive for PS+ users for now. Since Sony offered PS+ for thirty days for free, everyone should have this beta.

I played a co-op and a multiplayer.Took me almost an hour to find a game through matchmaking. Seems like no one is playing it yet or it is just failing. The controls are fine but the character movements and shooting are clunky. Controls are easy to get used to though. The camera is not a problem but the character movement is bugging me. I think there is a lag input or something. It is just not fun. I tried to keep playing but the framerate dropped so low that the PS3 froze. I guess the PS3 forgot to decrease the texture on other parts of the map. Lol. The UI is at least better and much less cluttered compared to SOCOM4 during gameplay. Which is what I like.Anyways, that's my first impression. I am not purchasing this game.

Screenshot when my PS3 froze.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

PS3 Firmware 3.66

A new firmware has just came out now. I just been kicked off PSN lol and forced to update. Anyways, there are no info in regards to this patch. According to the playstation blog, it is a minor patch and just fixing some stability and improved network services. Downloading the update though takes longer...so maybe there is more behind this update that Sony is keeping for themselves until it get's checked by hackers out there.
Anyways, I am installing the update now...it is going to take a few minutes. I will update this post when I find more information.

Oh yea, I have not post anything new for a looooong while. I have been busy.

Apparently, someone figured out the button combination that the QA testers uses. According to some people, this patch is suppose to prevent regular players to access the QA mode.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Sony E3 Conference 2011

I just finished watching it. I feel like there was no big boom from that conference. The conference started with the CEO of Sony Entertainment talking about the recent hacking stuff. UC3 and Resistance 3 followed after. They revealed gameplays that has not been seen before and live demonstration. New Sly Cooper and Starhawk trailer was revealed as well. There were some games that will be ported from PSP to PS3 like God Of War.

The big reveal was the real name of NGP. It is called Vita! Yea, it sounds like Vista but I will prefer calling it PSV than saying Vita. Thank goodness they changed the name from NGP. Price was also revealed. 249$ for wifi only version and for 3G it is 299$. I think it is pretty cheap for a powerful device. Might be a pick up on day 1. Hopefully, they are problem free. There is not much difference for the 3G version anyways. Maybe I'll get the 3G version.

Overall, I think the only big announcement is in regards to Vita. Other than that, no other announcement in regards to PS3 price cut. PS3 will get new 3rd party services for PSN. So...maybe we will wait until next day for some goodies for the games we are looking forward to.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Welcome Back Package now live!

Ohhh yeaaa finally! It is up. Free 30day trial for PS+ and other goodies that comes with it. Activate your PS+ now I don't know what to say. I already downloaded a bunch of free stuff that you can keep even after your free PS+ subscription is done.

Your chance to get your PS+ package is only available until July 3rd!

If you have 2 or more accounts, you can download pretty much all the games for both PS3 and PSN. However, those accounts should be registered prior to April 20 2011.

Game list vanished from PS Store? Don't worry! It is still there! Go to your "Account Management" then hit "Transaction Management" then to "Services List" and finally to "SCEA Promotion".

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

PS Store to be Restored

Hello, there is a press release that was just posted by Sony. All PSN (including PS Store) will be back online worldwide with the exception of Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea. It will resume all services on June 2, 2011 which is tomorrow.

Update(1): Welcome Back package will not be available until sometime later. Expect some delays and errors when you try to access PS Store as many will be trying to access it at the same time.

To see the press release yourself click : Sony Press Release PSN Restoration"

"Tokyo, June 2, 2011– Sony Corporation and Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) announced today that Sony Network Entertainment International (SNEI, the company) will fully restore all PlayStation®Network services today June 2, 2011, in the Americas, Europe/PAL territories and Asia, excluding Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea. The company will also resume Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity™ for PlayStation®3 (PS3®), PSP® (PlayStation®Portable), VAIO and other PCs."
- Sony Press Release