Monday, May 09, 2011

Medal Of Honor(PS3)

Since I just started blogging recently, I just want to say something about Medal of Honor. The funny thing is that I just heard Linkin Park's "Catalyst" (I'm a big fan of LP!) which reminded me of MoH. That just proves that music is important to the identity of a game. I will not discuss this in depth due to it being out there for a long time. I just want to say a couple of words about it.

Medal of Honor tried to compete with Modern Warfare and it did created its own fanbase. It still remains active as we speak. Pretty fun game. It kept me busy during the winter. I got the highest levels on each type. Graphics and sound is awesome (a sneak peek to BF3 style graphics). Similar to Bad Company 2 but hella better. Sometimes there is lag but the hit detection is  not a problem in this game. Guns are accurate and attachments are pretty cool. I think the shotgun is too over powered in this game. No matter what distance.

Game modes can get intense. Some game modes like mission type of game will require communication and great team work in order to win. Team deathmatch can be a little boring sometimes but the "Clean Sweep" can really test your skill.

The kill streaks are something that I have not seen before. It is not linear (sort of) because once you get a certain amount of kills, you can choose between a defensive or an offensive kill streak. An example of defensive kill streak is match ammo - which increases the damage of your weapons. Offensive kill streak is like hell fire missile strike with the ability to control it. Sometimes, I do wish that there should be more kill streaks but oh well.

Single player is action packed. The story follows a real-life story but not accurate. It is like you are playing a documentary. Voice acting is superb and the helicopter missions are very satisfying so as the sniper missions. Very linear since you follow a path most of the time.You don't have freedom to choose what path to take.

The timed challenges is something that I am having hard time to finish. About a couple more to complete and I can will get my platinum trophy.

I just wish there are more guns in the game, more kill streaks, more maps, and other goodies. However, this game is like a buffer. A peek to what is really coming. Battlefield 3. Oh yea, the limited edition includes the redemption code for BF3 beta. Expect that to come soon :) Too bad, I don't think EA will put extra stuff out for MoH. The bottom line is, it kept me busy and focused to the game for quite a while.

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