Monday, May 02, 2011

SOCOM Pro Code - No scratching needed anymore

So, I did you rip your code up?
New copies of SOCOM 4 contains a redemption code as an incentive for buying a new copy. So for those who are buying SOCOM 4 used will have to spend another 15$ to get SOCOM pro. For those who don't know, SOCOM pro will have an exclusive content for download (free) such as new weapons that were not included in the stand alone game.

Many players had issues trying to obtain their code from the back of their manual booklet for those who got it the week it came out. To obtain the code, you have to scratch the protective layer util the code is visible. However, some players think that they have to peel off that protective tape. That tape provides protection to the code for those who might scratch too hard. The new copies now has no protective layer that covers the code. It is now completely exposed.

The thing about having it exposed like that is anyone can see it. Gamestop sometimes leave the manual with the box. Anyone can take a look at the manual and take a photo or even take it with them to get the code for free. The customer that picks up that brand new copy will end up paying for extra 15$.

For those who has ripped their codes due to improper way of obtaining it, call customer service and they will ask you to provide reciept (scan it) and a copy of that ripped voucher. They will send you a new one.

Well, they made life easier for everyone.

Update (1): Since the PS store is down, you can still enter the code via your web browser on your computer. Go to the playstation store website and log in. Once you log in, go to account management and then redeem code. If the log in system is down, then there is no way to redeem it.

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