Tuesday, April 19, 2011

SOCOM 4 Retail Copy is still on its way!

Pre-ordered my copy of SOCOM 4 last week. Yes, it was a little too late. Still waiting for it to come to my mail.  I should have just purchased it in a store rather than pre-ordering. I am pretty excited to play through the campaign missions for it. Many say that it is crazy hard even at normal mode. I don't know why many review sites says that it is easy. Maybe they played it in easy mode? I guess so.

Anyways, I am planning to pick up Portal 2 today while I wait for my copy of SOCOM 4. I have played Portal 1 but never really got to finish it because I have a crappy computer. So the best part of it is the cross platform gameplay between PS3 and PC.


 I think that will be the future. Cross-platform gameplay. Nothing can beat that!

Update(1): Portal 2 was sold out wherever I went.

Update(2): Received my copy of SOCOM 4 on April 27th and finished the missions on the same day (including collecting all the intels and blood oranges). Found a copy of Portal 2 and finished it as well. Oh man PSN has to really get back on.

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