Friday, April 29, 2011

PS Move : Very accurate and Comfortable

I have purchased Move bundle yesterday that includes Sport Champions and the PS Eye camera. I also purchased the separate controller with a dpad for move -  navigation controller. I have played Sport Champions for quite a while now and I think the feedback from the Move controller is very accurate. The way you hold the Move is the same way your character will be holding the sword or the bow in the game. Thus, you will not be just smashing and bashing the controller, you will have to tilt it so the blade of the sword will do damage.

The move controller is very comfortable. I was using it for over an hour and was already sweating from the sword fight. The controller fits in my hand perfectly. The buttons that I only had trouble with are select and start. They are located along the side. Sometimes I had to use my other hand just to reach either of them. The nav controller is well designed but I think my hand is a little big for the nav but that is ok.

My only gripe about it is that other light source can interfere with the move controller. I had my window open and it was nice and sunny outside. It was bright in my room and thus, the PS Eye cam did not detect the motion controller (Move). So I had to close the blinds. Other than that, no problem. Battery last long ... well because it is new.

More and more games are starting to support the Move. I am more particularly interested to the shooters that will support it. Resistance 3 already confirmed that it will support it and it is coming out in fall. I would love to see more games that support Move. It is fun and gives you a work out. It gets you up from your couch or bed or whatever you sit on when you play games. I highly recommend getting this peripheral because everyone can use it as it is very simple and easy to get accustomed to.

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