Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception Multiplayer Beta

Unchartered 3 multiplayer beta is out now. I have not played Unchartered before but hey, it is free and exclusive for PS+ users for now. Since Sony offered PS+ for thirty days for free, everyone should have this beta.

I played a co-op and a multiplayer.Took me almost an hour to find a game through matchmaking. Seems like no one is playing it yet or it is just failing. The controls are fine but the character movements and shooting are clunky. Controls are easy to get used to though. The camera is not a problem but the character movement is bugging me. I think there is a lag input or something. It is just not fun. I tried to keep playing but the framerate dropped so low that the PS3 froze. I guess the PS3 forgot to decrease the texture on other parts of the map. Lol. The UI is at least better and much less cluttered compared to SOCOM4 during gameplay. Which is what I like.Anyways, that's my first impression. I am not purchasing this game.

Screenshot when my PS3 froze.

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