Monday, June 06, 2011

Sony E3 Conference 2011

I just finished watching it. I feel like there was no big boom from that conference. The conference started with the CEO of Sony Entertainment talking about the recent hacking stuff. UC3 and Resistance 3 followed after. They revealed gameplays that has not been seen before and live demonstration. New Sly Cooper and Starhawk trailer was revealed as well. There were some games that will be ported from PSP to PS3 like God Of War.

The big reveal was the real name of NGP. It is called Vita! Yea, it sounds like Vista but I will prefer calling it PSV than saying Vita. Thank goodness they changed the name from NGP. Price was also revealed. 249$ for wifi only version and for 3G it is 299$. I think it is pretty cheap for a powerful device. Might be a pick up on day 1. Hopefully, they are problem free. There is not much difference for the 3G version anyways. Maybe I'll get the 3G version.

Overall, I think the only big announcement is in regards to Vita. Other than that, no other announcement in regards to PS3 price cut. PS3 will get new 3rd party services for PSN. So...maybe we will wait until next day for some goodies for the games we are looking forward to.

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